⭐Here's how I set this up, but there are so many other ways you could use this.

✔ At the start of any text, go over motifs. I like to use motifs from popular movies.

✔ Come up with a list of possible motifs. Assign each student one.

✔ Have students track that particular motif on the graphic organizer throughout the duration of the reading.

✔ At the end of the reading, group students with the same motif together. If it's a longer text, maybe consider grouping midway, too.

✔ Students share their analysis and create a thesis statement together answering the question: "What is the significance of this motif in the text?"

✔ Have each group come up with a product that they can use to teach their motif's significance to the class. You could even do a jigsaw here.


If you are focusing on a shorter text, you could stick with one motif and make it a class discussion to model this analysis before students try independently the next time.


Better yet, you could give the students the thesis statement and have students work backwards. I have yet to do that, yet, but it seems like a good challenge for some of my gifted classes.


Happy teaching!

Motif Analysis for Any Text!